18 October 2017 @ 10:53 am
Still Sick  
 .. still have the cold, but it is better today *knock wood*.
It took a turn for a worse for a bit, and I ended up sleeping a day away again.

My MIL has been here since Saturday, and I've been trying to keep my distance when possible too. She's here until this Saturday, and then we'll have the house to ourselves again. 

I am so tired of this cold. I miss knowing what being well feels like. *bleh* 

10 October 2017 @ 09:54 am
Not too fun  
 I am so glad for the long weekend, my cold got worse for a while and so a majority of the weekend has been spent in bed, sleeping or watching tv. 
My fitbit tells me I got 13+ hours of sleep, and very few steps during the day. But at least today I am up and about and it's before 10am. That's a plus. I found my oregano oil while trying to dig out something to make me feel better from the medicine cabinet, and I think it's been a big help with the chest rattles and cough, as they are going away. 

Since I spent a lot of time sleeping the weekend away I am a bit disoriented when it comes to the part of the week it is right now. It doesn't feel like it should be Tuesday. And bummer of all bummers, I missed the sunny days by being laid up, and now the rain is started up again. Means I'll have to put a pin in yard clean up before my MIL arrives on Saturday, shaggy lawn will have to stay shaggy until I can function better.